IHACC end of project knowledge sharing workshops in Kampala and Buhoma, Uganda July 27th and 29th-30th

Team members from the IHACC project Uganda team were in Kampala on June 27th to host a workshop with participating partners and students at Makerere University to share knowledge and insights gained throughout the 5 years of the project. The team then held a two day workshop in Buhoma on June 29th-30th with community leaders and members, as well as partner organizations. Team members present included Dr. Shuaib Lwasa, Dr. Lea Berrang-Ford, Dr. Sherilee Harper, Mr. Didas Namanya, Ms. Kaitlin Patterson. Workshop participants were given a wealth of materials produced from the project, including copies of scientific papers, reports, results booklets, posters, and presentations. We look forward to future collaborations in the community as IHACC moves to an end, and follow-up projects begin to take shape!

End of project workshop - Buhoma

End of project workshop - Kampâ