Project News


Mya Sherman in Montreal and Guelph to conduct interviews with IHACC researchers

Mya Sherman was in Montreal this week, and will be in Guelph next week to conduct interviews with IHACC researchers and students in the context of the Evaluating Indigenous Vulnerability and Adaptation Research (EIVAR) project, which aims to characterize the role of research in climate change adaptation in diverse indigenous communities. Mya has developed a… Read More »


Didacus Namanya at McGill University in January and February

IHACC Co-Investigator Didacus Namanya has been visiting the team at McGill University since mid-January, and will be staying until to the end of February. During his stay, Didas has been primarily focusing on developing the proposal for his Doctorate degree (Makerere University), with the support of Sierra, Kate and other IHACC members in the Health… Read More »